Site Re-purposing

After a lengthy deliberation, and some shifts in hobbies / focus, I’ve decided to re-purpose this site.  I’ll be moving away from the sarcastic stories (there might still be some sarcasm in here, it’s pretty hard for me to hide) and focusing more on Indie Games.

While the main focus here is Video Games, a lot of what I want to discuss and share my thoughts on will be related to game design in general and when it comes to analyzing game design I like to look at board games to see what drives certain mechanics and what makes a game great.

The posts will likely come in the following forms (with minor variations):

Game Design By Example

I’ll make a post in this category where I take a game (board game / video game) and analyze what aspects I think work and why.  My goal is to better understand what it is that ends up making a game exciting.  I’ll mostly use board games for this for the first while.  Video games are dangerous examples because we are often tricked by fancy graphics and production values, which can mask game design flaws.  Once I am comfortable with being impartial to these effects, I’ll extend my examples into video games as well.

Game Design Ideas

My own ideas that can help improve certain game mechanics / pitfalls /etc.  This is where I get to pretend to be an expert and nobody can prove me wrong because I moderate the comments!  No seriously, feel free to comment on anything discussion is healthy.

My Own Implementations

Similar to the “design by example” posts, this is where I try to prove that my ideas are great by implementing them myself.  Or just random things I decide to implement and post here.

To all my loyal readers of the old site, the table cloth has been pulled from the table and none of the dishes fell to the floor.  Magic trick over.

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