I’m Back

So it’s August 20th, and a tiny bit before my predetermined “get back to work” date but I figured a update would be in order.

Background / Updates

Back in May I made the decision to take some time off of work, to prepare me for the next stage of my “career”.  Why is career in quotes?  Often careers are referred to as the amalgamation of one’s adventure climbing the corporate ladder.  My new career, I’m starting at the very top of my corporate ladder.  I’m going to break into the work of independently developed (and published, until further notice) video games.

For the past 8 or so years I’ve watched this industry unfold.  Some things have happened as I expected, others have been interesting surprises (and mostly inspirational, even the various failures I’ve witnessed along the way).

As time went on, and the ability to start things off drifted more and more into the future out of my grasp, I met a lot of interesting people that have provided me with enough confidence in this that I now believe anything is possible.  If you want to do something, you owe it to yourself to try.  Maybe it won’t work, and you’ll have to start over or try something new until it does.  But if you don’t try at all, you’ve already failed to achieve that goal.  It’s harsh, but it was that last statement that pushed me out of my comfort zone.

I’m likely to write more about my ideas and observations in a future article, but for now basically the takeaway is:  There will be game development progress posted to this blog, which will eventually result in finished games, available for my millions of readers!


The Plan

My current plan is to continue offering music service for other developers (more updates will be posted on my main music site brian-doyle.com), so if you stumble upon this site and you’re interested in getting some music done for your game, feel free to head over there and contact me.  An update to that site will be coming shortly, probably tomorrow.

The rest of my time will be devoted to producing games (programming / music, art is TBD) on another site that will most likely be launching in about a month.  When that’s ready I’ll provide links for it as well, and trying to spread the word like wildfire.

This site will continue to be devoted to my random ramblings about: design, coding, games, and anything else I want to post really.  I’ll also be posting dev progress that won’t be directly related to individual games.  Things like: framework, process updates, tools, hard problems I had to over come.  There might be some of those professional projects leaking in here now and then.  I’ll also have a progress blog on the main site, but it will most likely be a weekly / bi weekly posting schedule and more centered around demoing progress and not discussing implementation (hide those secrets!).


Final Words

At this point, anyone can feel free to link to my site or articles directly, or ask me any questions they might have.  I look forward to this new adventure, and broadcasting my progress here for the world to see.

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