Finally Ready

So I while back I ran into a serious road block using JMonkey3D.  I would like to have continued to use it, but some of the issues I ran into and the general acceptance of the Java platform lead me to a technology change.

So I set out trying to learn how to use Unity properly (I know, I know… Brian is using Unity now), to see if I could get over some of the shortcomings of the system to allow me to work the way I wanted without significant time spent changing (old dog, new tricks, etc).

Well I think I’m finally ready to start fleshing out a couple of my projects.

In related news I finally got lightmapping to look right (once it’s set up for your scene it looks pretty sweet, even just using the built in Beast lightmapper).

Lightmapping Example

(The gun / hand is from an FPS camera plugin I liked on the Asset store, and will eventually be replaced once I have most of the other assets in place).

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