Putting it to the Test

Well I’ve been working away on RPM v1, and decided I’d try putting what I have so far (very rudimentary design) to the test and make a quick game.

Anyone following along on this little adventure has probably figured it out by now that all of my projects are based around procedural generation.  This one is, well, no different.

So far it’s just a 2D World Generator with stunning “programmer art”.  Marvel at it’s beautiful low-res tiles and terrain details.   There are buildings too, but I’m not sure I’m happy with the tiles for that and the building construction is pretty premature at this point.  Maybe I’ll have something interesting for it tomorrow, after some morning refactoring.

I’m treating at least the start of this project kind of like a game jam, so the if everything goes according to plan I’ll probably have another update tomorrow with exciting new changes!

The feature list up until this point:

  • rudimentary UI
  • 30% of the required sprites (characters, items and icons still under construction)
  • single chunk world building (linked multi-chunk worlds will be a stretch goal)
  • terrain tile splatting / blending (so far only used for seems between dirt and grass)
  • baked “lighting” for buildings (you can see this once the buildings make it back in)
  • viewport culling that supports smooth tile scrolling

Feast on these crazy screen shots!

ScreenShot 1

ScreenShot 2

On the list for the next update:

  • revisiting building generation
  • more interesting and varied terrain objects (debris, more rocks, another tree variation)
  • water
  • improved road construction
  • characters
  • improved ui and interaction

Stay tuned, this is going to be… legendary.

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