Swamp Thing

Here’s another quick update.  Wanted to really just get some bodies of water done… halfway through I decided it would be better (both thematically and for gameplay reasons) to have most of the water on the map be this murky-swampy substance.

I just wanted to be done with most of the terrain so I can really have some fun with the characters and items tomorrow.  I also made a few new decals (that you can’t see in these screens) just because I was feeling creative.

I also fixed the A* weighting that I was using (it was bad anyway) and now it tapers much more smoothly over terrain types.  I used it on the roads by making swamps pretty hard to cross.  The algorithm is working perfectly (see the screenshots below) and avoids as much swamp as it possibly can without going too far out of the way.

This first screen shows the algorithm making a course correction to avoid the swamp altogether, because the town it’s trying to connect to is actually to the southeast anyway so there is lost of room to move.

ScreenShot 1


This next screen shot shows a situation where the road is trying to go directly south to the next town, but because this section of the swamp is so long at that particular point, the road diverted completely out of it’s way just to cross a really narrow part of swamp, and then immediately came back on course to head back to town.

ScreenShot 2

Okay that’s seriously it for tonight.  Maybe some freshwater tomorrow morning as a warm up, but most likely I’ll be working on characters.

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