Small Diversions

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and just relax, work on fun little things and enjoy the weather.  I haven’t been able to do much of that recently, lots of things on my plate all of a sudden.  I promise I’ll be back to my game very very soon.  And some more work on RPM as well of course. 

I have to say, the more I work with SFML, the more I love it.  It has simplified graphics prototypes for me immensely.  It’s so quick for just dumping quick sprites / text / filled shapes to the screen, input is intelligently laid out and I really like the timer flexibility (it’s a small thing, but it’s a nice touch the way it’s done).

I’m trying to follow the same methodology in the extras I’m adding to RPM so the usage is seamless.  I think more people should be using SFML honestly.

Oh another thing, I’ve been playing around with getting openGL to a point I’m happy with (along side SFML) for maximum game and graphics programming enjoyment.  It’s almost there… the only problem I have now is just making sure that RPM will work alongside of SFML using openGL.

The UI rendering code I have written now assumes no depth buffer writes (and handles all Z sorting internally since it simplified user input significantly).  This is only a tiny problem within SFML because it means I’ll likely have to use some GL calls in my code (or force the user to handle turning on and off depth writing and testing), both of which are things I was trying to avoid adding to RPM at this time.

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