Just a Small Update

I haven’t posted much in a while, things have been pretty busy at work (being the “new guy” doesn’t help).  There is however new progress being made!

I’ve cleaned up a lot of the code that I currently have for RPM, so there’s been some progress there.  I’ve also managed to pull quite a bit of code out of the other random projects I’ve been posting and include them in general form back into RPM.

This process started to feel a little arduous, so I’ve taken a couple days to set up a new source repository and try to organize the project files a little better.  This should theoretically make it easier for me to use code between projects a little better, and at the very least have a cleaner change history.

Once that’s all done, I’ll probably have a new feature set for RPM.  My goal is to have something I can use by April so I can actually make an LD29 entry.  I can’t make any promises on whether I’ll be done it in time for submission, but I want to at least try to make something following the theme when the time comes.

So in the mean time, I’m trying to implement little small game helpers into the engine that might not have been a high priority in the past (that’s also a bit of procrastination around the GUI components because, it’s still suffering from the GUI redesign that the “zombie game” is going through right now…).

Thanks for following my progress, hope to have some new things to show soon.

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