Well, does it look like Brian is busy?  Follow me while I waste time and bring entertainment to the masses.  Maybe if we’re lucky, I can keep you off Reddit for more than 10 minutes.

In all seriousness, this is my “game development blog”.  Why is that in quotes?  Because most of what I’ll be exploring here will be mostly research or design based blog posts.  I think very infrequently will I actually post anything that relates specifically to a game I’m working on, although I do have a couple personal projects I want to bring to light some day.

Mostly what you’ll find here is:  Ideas on content generation, designs and philosophies, game deconstruction.

This isn’t just video games either, I’ll also use board games as an example as they tend to require more complex balancing and interactive systems because they can’t rely on computer game related fluff (timing based challenges, fancy animations, longer play times, etc).  That’s also not entirely true, but I will try to take some of my favorite elements from board games and figure out how they can apply to video games and balancing.

As usually with all my other projects, I’m always open to suggestions so feel free to contact me with an idea you’d like me to explore.  I’ll look it over, throw some rather dubious math at it, and pretend like it was my idea!  No seriously, I’ll give you credit too.

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